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Weekly Life Drawing

~ creativity and learning through drawing for ones' self ~

This is our 34th year of continuous Workshops

Every Thursday 1pm to 3pm

The Life Drawing Workshop is running @ 1pm, Thurs as usual.

The Workshop is on @ 1pm to 3pm, every Thursday.
You are most welcome to join us.
Please email me with your name & phone number to REGISTER.

Email me

Why not buy a GIFT CARD for someone; ~ It’s a gift with a difference? 
Email me for my BSB details?

Arrive 15 mins before to set-up for a 1pm start.

Would you like to join us soon ? 

The Workshop is held at the HOLY CROSS CHURCH
(The Church is opposite Lake Ginninderra College, and next to McDonald's: view map)

Parking is FREE and is just outside the Church door.  Enter via Emu Bank.

There is no tuition, learn by drawing from the Model.
Please bring your own paper and drawing materials.  
(If you wish, bring a board and easel; we have tables & chairs.)

Pay by the day, or pay for any number of weeks (not necessarily consecutive). 
Fees from $17 per day with registration.
You can choose cash OR just request the bank account details.

Life drawing cultivates your Creativity,
Focusing your mind on careful
…will sharpen your focus and improve your drawing, by learning to see more clearly.

Creativity happens in the space of SILENCE...In this silence, the drawing can flow.

The experience is meditative. You will feel creative and calm, and your mind clear.
This will also sharpen your focus and improve your drawing.

Freely explore your own creativity for your unique drawing style, all at your own unpressured pace.
Be inspired by fellow drawers or practice what you have been taught.

It's an adventure into a self-initiated exploration into your creativity...
With your intuition leading, you will find your own solutions to your drawing issues;
without interruption from a drawing teacher...

Being meditative, also means that life drawing is very relaxing....
with the additional benefit of clarity of mind...

Create your own Drawing World …. By doing it your way...
Only you know where you want to go.

Suitable for All Levels of Drawing Experience.

Enquire about a gift voucher for someone else.

To register or enquire contact Athina Pazolli:


phone 0414 271 311

Life Drawing Workshop

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